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Remembering ALL Our Fallen

2015 Reunion project to collect photos of all
our deceased veterans headstones

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 [do close-up photos for best detail]


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W3 RNZIR Reunion 2018 - 48th reunion Mosgiel November 2018

Details of the W3 RNZIR 48th reunion are at this link

PUBLINTICAS Pte Graham Ryalls 2Pl - webmaster [29 April 2018]
John Nicolle advises that Scrubber has been admitted to Blenheim hospital with breathing problems, outlook bleak.
NOTICAS FATAL 42582 Pte Dennis Ronald Chambers RNZIR 2Pl/Coy HQ - webmaster [20 April 2018] 
Veterans are advised that Dennis Chambers died suddenly Invercargill 17 April 2018.  Service
in Invercargill Monday 23 April at 1130AM at the Eastside Baptist Church, Glengarry.  

Survived by his wife Yvonne and children Stephen, Teresa, and Cecil.

Post tributes for the W3 website here.
(23 April) Ian Beker who said the Ode at Dennis's service, advised that six Vietnam Veterans including two from W3 were present at the service and gave Dennis a good send-off.

On Facebook..?  - webmaster [4 March 2018]
W3 RNZIR Reunions
 Facebook page supports reunions that W3 RNZIR hold around New Zealand by engaging with and encouraging past members and their families to attend, to access welfare resources and to maintain old friendships.  It is a closed group for W3 veterans and their families.  Find yourself among the photo albums of our old reunions. 

The site is moderated and restricted to reunion and welfare matters.  Join here 

W3 Reunion 2018 - webmaster [1 January 2018]
Details of the W3 RNZIR 2018 reunion in Dunedin Mosgiel are at this link.  There has been a change of venue.

The reunion website project is to identify the location and email address of all our missing veterans [MIA].  We grow fewer in number at each reunion, it's time to update the W3 veterans nominal roll as an outreach to our Missing in Action comrades...

Website Statistics - webmaster [1 January 2018] 
In March 2017 the W3 website readership slightly peaked with 2070 unique visitors, with an annual total of 17,102 unique visitors which is similar to other years (but September is missing so a further [average] of 1425 could be anticipated).

The first table illustrates different statistics for visitors:  unique visitors is based on different IP addresses [same computer multiple visits equals one] - Number of visits is a computer who has not linked to the site in the previous hour - pages is the total of times a HTML [web] page has been viewed [but does not count PDF or other files or images], while hits show total of everything viewed or downloaded [page plus all images on page are counted] and bandwidth is the amount of data downloaded and read each month.

The second table is for December 2017 and illustrates the wide range of countries finding the website; in the past the US was consistently the largest downloader of pages.  While the New Zealand page count is in second place the actual size downloaded is almost four times that of the US:

link to more news from before December 2017 - news archive